Polarized Lenses

Ideal Optical offers Polarized sunglasses in almost all prescriptions, even trifocals and progressive lenses. Polarized lenses filter glare to reduce eyestrain and improve contrast and visibility on those sunny Pensacola days.

Numerous studies show glare as a contributing factor to auto accidents. Only polarized lenses reduce blinding glare that can create temporary blind spots and create dangerous driving conditions.

Polarized lenses are also the lens of choice for fishing, boating and other water sports. By removing glare from water surfaces visibility into the water is improved. Come by Ideal Optical today to learn more.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Did you know that you can lose up to 12% of visible light to reflections on your lenses? By allowing more light to pass through the lens, rather than reflect off the lens, anti-reflective lenses increase visibility at night and other low light situations. This is even more important as we age because our pupils dilate less, which reduces the amount of light reaching our retinas.

Anti-reflective lenses offer improved contrast sensitivity and visual acuity in low light, especially while driving at night. It is important to understand that not all anti-reflective coatings are the same. Inferior coatings can scratch easily or even peel off the lenses. Cheaper coatings often do not incorporate hydrophobic and oleophobic layers and are difficult to keep clean. Ideal Optical offers anti-reflective coatings that include scratch resistance and most include 2 year warranties.

Blue Light Protection

There is growing concern that exposure to blue light could be a risk factor for some eye health issues including Age Related Macular Degeneration. Ideal Optical offers Rx lenses that filter part of the blue light spectrum. Please call us or drop by to learn more.

Occupational Bifocals

Bifocal wearers already know that the near vision portion of their lenses is at the bottom of the lens. So how do you view near vision objects that are located above your head? The answer is an occupational bifocal. These lenses feature a bifocal at the bottom and top of the lens allowing the wearer to see near objects located above eye level. These lenses work well for a number of occupations. Please come by Ideal Optical to learn more about the benefits these lenses have to offer.