Keeping your eyeglasses well adjusted is not only important for comfort but also for best vision. When a frame is crooked, loose or otherwise misaligned the lenses will not be properly aligned before the eyes and visual discomfort can occur. Ideal Optical never charges to adjust eyeglasses so please come by anytime your glasses need our help.


Eyeglasses should be cleaned daily. Any smudges on your lenses will negatively effect your vision. The most thorough method of cleaning is to wash them with soap and water. Simply use a few drops of liquid hand soap and rinse under cool running water at your sink. Then dry them with a cotton towel. For light smudges or fingerprints it is safe and effective to use a micro fiber cleaning cloth. Ideal Optical carries cleaning cloths and spray cleaners that are safe for all lens types.

Did You Know...

Leaving your eyeglasses or sunglasses in a hot car can cause the frame to warp and even cause damage to lenses?

Taking your eyeglasses off with one hand can gradually cause your frame to get out of adjustment? When possible use both hands to put them on and take them off.

Hairspray mist can build up on lenses and once dry it will not easily clean off lenses? If this happens to you dip a Q-tip in alcohol and gently swirl on the lenses and then rinse with soap and water.